Business Class? No, Magnum Class!


Leave your work, the city and the bustle behind. Climb into your Magnum and you’re off! With Magnum, you’ll be sure to reach your destination because the first one is … your Magnum! Magnum is the Elnagh top of the line: majestic, elegant and hospitable.







Manual climate control

Cruise Control

Double airbag

Electric rear view mirrors

Pleated sliding fly screen on living unit door

Pleated blinds

Panoramic rooflight 50x70 cm

TV holder

Cell door in 2 points with storage and dustbin

Central locking

Speakers in living/sleeping area

Approved 5th seat

Floor hatch

Combi 4 Diesel + CP PLUS

Beds with manual up and down (where applicable)

Transformation of twin beds into a maxi double bed

Euro 6D power unit


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Harmoniuius Environments


  1. Sound boxes integrated in the folding bed for the acoustic diffusion in the dinette
  2. USB socket for recharging your multimedia devices
  3. Panoramic rooflight 50x70 cm
  4. Folding table. Movable and with 360° rotation
  5. Handle for easy entry. Mirror at the entrance with LED light finish on the edge
  6. Practical floor recessed stowage hatches
  7. Cover panel under folding bed with integrated LED lights




Living area


Every space is functional to comfortably arrange everything


  1. Large Sky Roof with blind and flyscreen
  2. Convenient USB port for charging your multimedia system
  3. Ergonomic, height-adjustable swivel cab seats with doubl armrest and integrated seat belt
  4. Practical floor recessed stowage hatches
  5. Comfortable glove compartment in the cab
  6. Pleated blinds in the cab
  7. Comfortable storage pockets
  8. Side bench for 5th approved seat with belt




  1. Kitchen window protection panel
  2. Extractor hood
  3. Kitchen with 3 burners
  4. Transparent rooflight 40x40 cm
  5. Wall unit with double shelf for an optimal rationalisation of the space




  1. Large refrigerator 142 l / 150 l depending on model
  2. Kitchen peninsula with curved opening door
  3. Practical spice rack
  4. Sliding basket and shelf under the kitchen peninsula
  5. Generously sized kitchen drawers
  6. Extractor hood


Sleeping area


Central beds  can be manually adjusted in height


  1. Spotlights for evening reading
  2. USB socket integrated in the spotlight
  3. Upholstered bed headboard, with LED light outline and upper mirror
  4. MAXI central bed, 160 cm wide





  1. Height-adjustable bed USB
  2. Large and functional storage LED light outline and upper mirror compartment under the double bed

Twin beds


  1. Transformation of twin beds into a maxi double bed up to 210x210 cm
  2. Fold-down beds for easy access to the stowage area below
  3. Clothes hangers and shelves for the best storage of your clothes and items


The bathroom area


Wall units, cabinets and shelves to keep everything in order and at hand


  1. The bathroom area is very bright and well ventilated thanks to the window equipped with a blind and flyscreen
  2. Large mirror and washbasin
  3. Shower with marble-pattern finish panel
  4. Rigid shower door



The upholstery of the Magnum range