The history of Elnagh
From 05 November 2021

The history of Elnagh

Elnagh is an integral part of the history of the entire recreational vehicle industry with 70 years of activity behind it.

ARCHITECTS OF IDEAS, CREATORS OF UNIVERSES. Before telling a story, Elnagh tells its vision, a point of view on the future that began when no one was talking about aesthetics, design and made in Italy. Elnagh is continuously listening. If you do not listen, you cannot be heard, just as if you do not observe, you cannot create any novelty. Every project is function and emotion, every detail is research and awareness: this is the sense of creating for Elnagh, drawing a movement of ideas around the journey. Elnagh is the brand for those looking for practical, functional solutions for their motorhome travel. It offers a complete range of models and types. Historic ranges with a long tradition, recognised and recognisable, which are never old fashioned.

  • In the beginning - 1946

    Today's Elnagh was founded in 1946 .The business manufactured "Superflex" elastic forks, patented by Ghezzi, for bicycles equipped with auxiliary motors.

  • 1950 - Elnagh's founding act

    The Company got a new name, "Elnagh Elettromeccanica Ghezzi".

  • Elnagh "invents the wheel" - 1954

    Elnagh brought out the "Risciò", its first product with wheels, wich would prove to be only the first in a long line of wheeled vehicles, leading up to the present day's caravans and motorhomes.

  • 1960 - On the roads of the entire world

    Elnagh's caravan production begins in 1963. Beginning in 1965 the company sold off all its other activities.

  • The arrival of the engine - 1980

    Elnagh design and build a first series of motorised vehicles, in both a motorcaravan and a motorhome version.

  • 1990 - Technological development

  • Magnum comeback - 2010

  • 2012 - Elnagh moves to Tuscany

  • Trigano - 2013

    SEA and its brands (Elnagh, McLouis and Mobilvetta) were acquired by Trigano Group

  • 2015 - The 65th Anniversary Elnagh

    Elnagh presents the range T-Loft Anniversary for its 65° anniversary

  • The new Magnum - 2018

    Elnagh presents the new range Magnum

  • 2020 - Seventy of these day!!

    Elnagh is seventy now and launches the Anniversary series

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