Your adventure begins here




If you are looking for your first van and you want a solid vehicle, with a simple, practical and essential style but with everything you need to be for your adventures, E-Van is for you.

Five are the choices available:

  • E-Van K2 of 5.41 m - the most compact in the range - only 5.41-m long with rear double bed
  • E-Van 2 of 5.99 m with transverse bed at the back
  • E-Van 5 of the same length, provides two bunk double beds placed at the back
  • E-Van 6 - the vehicle under 6 meters long (5.99 m) with twin beds
  • E-Van Duo, the longest in the range, which offers comfortable twin beds in 6.36 m


  • Cruise Control
  • Esc
  • Start&Stop
  • 15” steel wheel rims
  • Eco pack
  • Manual cab climate control system
  • Driver & passenger airbag
  • Electric mirrors
  • Cab DAB + radio provision
  • Swivel seats

Practical and functional solutions


E-Van is designed for those seeking unique experience, thanks to its multiple solutions of liveability are perfectly suited to any type of holiday. The dinette is characterized by a comfortable and bright environment and is equipped with swivel seats that integrate into the living area and ergonomic furniture to move comfortably inside.


zona giorno e- van.jpg




Living comfort and flexible solutions that adapt to your holiday needs at all times


  • Cosy, comfortable and airy environmen
  • Swivel seats that integrate into the living area
  • Table with extension as standard. Removable, it can also be used outdoors
  • Linear wall unit
  • Storage compartment above the cab
  • Storage door on the side of the dinette
  • Bed in dinette
cucina e-van.jpg




Perfect organization even in small spaces thanks to the large drawers under the sink and the wall unit above the hob.

The E-Van kitchen is also equipped with:

  • two-burner hob with glass cover
  • domestic type mixer
  • 70 litre compressor refrigerator with double opening, can also be opened from the outside
  • integrated steel sink
Progetto senza titolo (1).png


Freedom of movement and space to sleep well



zona notte e-van.jpg




  • Large beds for comfortable rest
  • Ergonomic mite-resistant mattresses
  • Slatted bed bases
  • Liftable and removable bases (E-Van 5, E-Van DUO)to manage stowage space as needed
  • Large stowage wall units and cabinets to store clothes and accessories
  • Removable, adjustable-volume double flooring (E-Van DUO)
bagno e-van.jpg




On E-Van everything is in order within easy reach. Practicality the watchword:


  • the washbasin is either fixed or concealed, depending on the models
  • with lowered shower tray the water does not flow into the toilet area
  • shower with removable curtain and dedicated mixer
  • opaque window for air and light