The construction technology




Elnagh, made to last

Construction technologies, from high performance materials to state-of-the-art production processes


The body of Elnagh motorhomes is manufactured in specialized production departments through high-precision industrial processes that guarantee the highest quality standards.


The construction technology

 The use of new materials with high insulating performance, such as bi-composite resins, has made it possible to reduce the weight of the body and make it more solid at the same time. More durable, less subject to wear, easier to repair and maintain: the structure of McLouis motorhomes is more resistant to torsion, offering greater stability to the vehicle.


The body under the microscope

The walls, roof and floor are made of “sandwich panels” formed by a double sheet of fiberglass. On the inside, a two-composite resin bearing frame with high thermosetting resistance makes the living unit lighter and more resistant to mechanical stress, while the waterproof PS insert ensures a high thermal insulation coefficient. In the floor, the upper coating is made of non-slip, abrasion-resistant PVC.


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