Winter camping with your motorhome: 5 reasons to choose oil heating
From 18 November 2019

Winter camping with your motorhome: 5 reasons to choose oil heating

Let's see how it works and what are the main advantages of diesel heating compared to traditional gas heating.

Among the heating systems for the motorhome, the oil one is spreading more and more thanks to the undeniable advantages it offers.

Elnagh, attentive interpreter of the trends and technological innovations in the sector, mounts the Truma Combi Diesel heating system on T-Loft semi-integrated and Magnum integrated motorhomes. A benefit that Elnagh offers as standard on the two ranges, without any additional cost for the end customer.

Let's find out how this type of heating works and what are the main benefits together with some small tricks that can help us to live the winter motorhome holidays with serenity.



How does the camper diesel heating system work?

The diesel heating system for motorhomes is fuelled by the vehicle fuel that is fished directly from the tank via a diaphragm dosing pump. Through a fan, electrically powered, the hot air is pushed inside the camper through a system of pipes and vents.

The system is mounted inside the cell as well as the control unit that allows you to adjust the heat intensity and program the heating on by setting the control thermostat.

With this type of heating, LPG gas cylinders are used exclusively for the refrigerator and kitchen stove.

A curiosity: diesel heating systems are actually born in the automotive sector to prevent the cooling of vehicle engines in the coldest areas of the planet. Hence the today's systems dedicated to caravaning which we will discuss in this article.


In the image below an example of arrangement and orientation of the heating vents in the model of the semi-integral motorhome Elnagh T-Loft 450, which is fitted as standard with the Combi 4 Diesel.

5 reasons to choose diesel heating

Now let's see, point by point, the benefits of diesel heating compared to the more common gas systems.


  1. It's easy to refuel anywhere

Unlike LPG cylinders, difficult to find especially abroad and sometimes incompatible for different attacks, it is possible to refuel almost anywhere in the world. Diesel fuel distributors are widespread and one can undertake a journey with the utmost serenity, without the risk of being without fuel and therefore without heating.


  1. No stress for changing cylinders

Oil heating is more practical and easier to use: you should not change the tank once it is used up and filling up the distributor under a shelter is certainly more comfortable, especially when it is raining, snowing or it is just cold.


  1. Warm even during the journey

Among the main advantages of diesel heating there is the possibility of using the heating even while the vehicle is in motion, a condition prohibited by law for gas systems unless they are equipped with special anti-crush devices, given the danger in case of an accident. Certainly it is not a question of accessories that are difficult to find or prohibitively expensive, but diesel eliminates all difficulties at the start.


  1. In complete safety

The diesel heating system is safer than the gas one because the consumption of the cylinders is limited to the use of the kitchen. During the night the cylinders will remain unused and the guests of the camper will be able to sleep peacefully.


  1. Save more

Among the advantages not to be underestimated is the possibility of saving money: gas cylinders generally have a very expensive cost, especially for those who love to travel in winter or in cold countries where it is necessary to change cylinders more frequently, every three to four days on average. Diesel fuel, on the other hand, has a more moderate cost and abroad it can be cheaper!


The camper in winter: the details that make the difference

The heating of the cell as well as its comfort and liveability in winter do not depend only on the type of heating but on a set of factors.


Good insulation is essential for heat retention and it is undoubtedly the body's construction technology that makes the difference: walls, roof and floor are manufactured with new cutting-edge materials, such as extruded polystyrene, and great attention is paid to the techniques assembly that guarantee the protection and isolation of the cell with respect to the action of atmospheric agents. About cell structure, Elnagh adopts the Body Protection System, a technology that stands out for the total absence of simple wood. This determines the maximum impermeability and perfect insulation of the cell, ensuring greater protection against infiltration.



To avoid the dispersion of heat it is necessary to protect the pipes that carry the air from the heater inside the vehicle. The Elnagh models adopt the solution of pipes with aluminized interior. In addition, in the case of external passages, for example under the floor, the pipes are equipped with a double insulation through the application of a “sock” that reduces heat dispersion. This type of piping is also subjected to a waterproof treatment to better resist infiltration.


Extra care for traveling by camper in winter

If you plan to camp in particularly cold areas, motorhomes can provide additional equipment to make your journey comfortable in winter:

  • heated entrance floor and step;
  • insulation of the gray water tank;
  • drain valve with anti-freeze resistance.


The Elnagh winter pack includes two of these additional fittings: the insulation of the water tank and the drain valve with anti-freeze resistance.

If you are about to go on a mountain trip during the winter, we suggest that you also have an altitude kit, which is necessary for prolonged use of diesel heating at altitudes between 1500 and 2750 meters. The altitude kit, in fact, ensures the perfect functioning of the heating, guaranteeing the right ratio between air and fuel.



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